This wicked witch takes care of her precious flying monkeys!

$30 EIGHTHS OF FLOWER OUT THE DOOR! We have a lovely array of flower up to $60 per eighth and $120 per quarter, but we are committed to having excellent quality value options as well. We are dedicated to being the home of a $30 eighth and $60 quarter whenever we can find it! And Momma Witch has plenty in eighths of small bud, shake, and preground for everyone right now! And you can always rest assured that if we wouldn’t smoke it, we don’t sell it! Stop in and ask what the best bang for your buck is!

Of course, your witch hasn’t forgotten the sweet treats, laced with a bit of wickedness! We curate our edibles and tincture lines to ensure that you get the effects you are looking for AND the best candy and craft edibles to deliver it! We have great relationships with our friends at Mend, Alchemy Drops, Low Key Alchemy, and others and if there is an edible or tincture that you would like to see, just ask! We have lots of options, but our partners are also willing to work with us in manufacturing–Like Marissa at Alchemy Drops who has brought back her bewitching line of Halloween gummies exclusively for us and is working on something that will knock your striped witch socks off! (Sleeping Beauty gummies, anyone?) As of May 6, we even have sleep gummies in packs of 10 for under $20. Seriously, with CBN, CBD, and THC, they are my new favorite sleeping potion for flavor AND high–even I need to stock up before they are gone!

Loyalty Program

Flying Monkeys Club

We are thrilled to announce the creation of our Flying Monkeys Club! If you provide your email and phone number at the time of purchase, you will be automatically enrolled and start gaining loyalty points. $40 spent = 1 point. When you’ve reached 200 points, we’ll take $5 off your next order!*

*It is against state law to give away cannabis products for free, so your purchase must be at least as large as your coupon. 

Stay tuned for more deals! ALL of our products are grown and processed 100% in Vermont. But we are dedicated to highlighting the great products of our local small growers! Come in and see what your neighbors have to offer!

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